If you are looking for a brand new, top quality flood light or security light then the fire and security range at Discount Electrical is the perfect place

Why do I need flood or security lights?

If you do not have any installed already, then flood lights and security lights are a great way to make your home and garden more secure. The lights instantly activate when they detect movement, flooding the area with light in order to deter intruders and giving you better visibility to see who is there.

Buy flood and security lights online

With our low, low prices Discount Electrical is the ideal place to buy your flood and security lighting online. We offer a great range of products including LED flood lights, from top brand names such as JCC Lighting.


We also stock a huge collection of other lighting solutions, including indoor lighting, outdoor lighting and commercial lighting. Or, why not make your home even more secure with smoke alarms, carbon monoxide alarms or emergency lighting

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